You are bound to have many questions - you want to get it right and make sure we are the right fit for you. To help, here are some common questions and answers.

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Why two photographers?

Many businesses are founded by a single photographer who often uses an assistant. We feel that to comprehensively cover a wedding there needs to be two photographers – it is difficult for just one person to cover the Bride’s preparations and the Groom getting ready?

Secondly, People say to talented photographers, “You must have a great camera”, but whilst we do have an array of professional equipment it’s the photographer that is the key. Williams & Welsby both have differing styles and techniques and their post-processing methods are different. This usually leads to each of us producing images with a different feel, albeit of the same event. We like this and our clients love it.

Who books you?

No one type of client in particular chooses Williams & Welsby, but all are looking for a quality end product delivered on time and meeting their expectations. We pride ourselves on our flexibility in coming up with a package that meets the clients’ needs. We enjoy the fact that we shoot people from all walks of life and that one day we might be shooting a small formal ceremony and next a themed wedding. We don’t only shoot weddings and civil ceremonies but any event that we feel we can capture in style.

What if we are nervous in front of a camera?

Well we’ll soon put you at ease. The eponymous Williams and Welsby are good, nay expert, at putting people at ease. It’s about getting to know you. When we meet we’ll do so somewhere comfortable and have a nice chat and a cup of tea and maybe even a slice of cake. We’ll run through what you want and after all this and the inevitable banter we guarantee you’ll be feeling more relaxed. You can be sure that by the time the big day comes round you’ll be ignoring us and concentrating on having a good time and we’ll be secretly getting all those smily, giggly candid shots that are way better than the obligatory Firing Squad formals.

How many images will we get?

On a full day shoot we may well take over a 100 shots each (oh yes, it can easily be that many) but many won't meet our exacting professional standards.

On our half day package you receive around 300 fully edited and post-processed images; on a full day shoot the final number is likely to be 500-700, though we don't impose a limit. We promise you’ll get every photograph that meets our personal standards.

Do you retouch the images?

Each image is looked at individually and if we like it we use our skill with professional software programs to post-process it. We do not remove lines and wrinkles or any similar permanent features of an individual, however we do try and remove complexion issues that are temporary. We hate the Photoshopped plastic look that is seen in magazines so rest assured you won’t look like that. Our aim is to use our skill to capture you,  your guests and the day as it happens, with shots that convey the atmosphere you remember.

How long do you shoot for?

On a full day we don’t restrict the number of hours we shoot for as it’s our job to tell the whole story of your day, generally being with you from a couple of hours before the ceremony to cover everyone getting ready, right through to the last dance and maybe beyond.

Saying that, we’ll give you the benefit of our experience – for example if the evening is in a venue that may not be so conducive to great photography or if you want us to slip away after the reception we can be flexible and maybe alter the package to suit you.

How many weddings do you shoot in one day?

One. Yours. You will be our entire focus for the time we are shooting for you.Are there extra costs if the wedding and reception are in more than one location?Generally, no. If a wedding is taking place in a church more than 30 miles from the reception venue we may charge a mileage fee.

Can we customise packages if they don't meet our needs?

Certainly. We aim to deliver the coverage and products you need. The packages are there as an indication and we are happy to tailor-make something to suit you.

Are there any extra costs to consider?

There are no hidden costs. You pay what is set out in the package. Things that could affect the basic package price are, for example, if you want additional storybook albums, thank you cards etc., or if we are required to stay overnight to cover the event or if you want the engagement or rehearsal covering.

Can I buy albums and additional products after the wedding?

Of course. In fact it's sometimes difficult to know just what you want when you are booking maybe 18 months in advance. Additional products can always be added after the wedding when you have your photographs to inspire you.

Can we print our photos? Sure you can!

You can elect to print (and should you wish, frame) them via our website where you order will be fulfilled by one of the UK’s leading photography print labs, however we will provide high-res JPEGS that you can take to your local High Street shop to print. We will also provide low-res JPEGS for you to post on Facebook and Twitter etc. A note about pro photo labs and your High Street. You might wonder what the difference is. Well professional photo labs have greater colour accuracy produces by specialist presses and inks and their paper quality is outstanding. You don’t get this on the High Street. This means your prints when printed professionally will look as printed for longer. Guaranteed.

What will you be wearing on the day?

We love taking photographs of weddings. We excel at it. We love the adrenaline and the challenge, but it’s no easy job. To perform at their best a person has to be comfortable and for photographers lounge suits are generally not conducive or even practical. We will generally wear a smart open-necked shirt and comfortable trousers – something with a bit of stretch in them is ideal. Sensible clean shoes and socks to suit the trousers. In winter we might add a loose casual jacket.

What happens if you are ill on the day and can't attend?

We have agreed between us to never get ill. Seriously though if one or other were to be ill we have made arrangements with other local photographers to step into our place.

What happens if your equipment fails?

The affected photographer will stifle a yelp and then reach for his back up equipment – we both always carry spare equipment - and get on with the job. We should always be able to carry on shooting.

Are you insured?

Yes. We hold comprehensive Public Liability and Professional Indemnity insurance for the piece of mind of all parties and our certificates are available if needed by you or venues you'll be using.

We’d like to discuss our plans with you. What next?

Great! Just give us a call or drop us a line via the contact form here on the website and we’ll be in touch by return. We’ll have a bit of a chat and arrange a meeting, an essential part of a successful shoot. At this meeting we’ll have some questions for you and we’ll answer yours too. Once we understand what you want we’ll put together a package and price for you. You’ll then need to sign the Booking Form and agree our Terms and Conditions and pay the appropriate Booking Fee.You can then leave it to us and get on with organising the best day of your lives.

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