3rd November 2015 - Sendelica - WILLIAMS & WELSBY

Shooting The Cromlech

Here in west Wales we are blessed with stunning scenery, from high hills to cliffs and moorland. It's a land of the imagination.

Pembrokeshire also has it's fair share of standing stones and other prehistoric remains, such as cromlechs, ancient burial chambers.

Psyche-rock band Sendelica asked us to shoot one such cromlech, located close to their recording studios, for use in the gatefold of their forthcoming Acoustica album and last Saturday saw me heading down to the evocatively-named

Gwal Y Filiast - Lair of the She-Wolf - to capture the scene.

The final image Sendelica chose bears no relation to the photograph above and can't be revealed here until the album is launched in May 2016, but this image gives a great impression of the location and feeling the cromlech inspires. 

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