Paul Williams - WILLIAMS & WELSBY

Paul Williams Wedding Photographer

I'm a Ceredigion resident since 1970 and a lifetime photographer. I attended what was once known as St David's University College, at Lampeter and instead of studying hard I played bass in Dyfed's first punk band.

Eventually, after 2 years playing bass in Brighton's 256th punk band, I returned to Wales to deal in books and then antiques.

After 32 years I am still publishing an annual Wales Antiques Guide. 

My interests include books, maps, Nikon, Yashica and Mamiya film cameras, British Culture 1935 - 1965, Poole pottery, Welsh textiles, and Poster art.

My favourite movies include anything by Pressburger and Powell; favourite music includes Gene Clark, Gram Parsons, and anything from San Francisco 1965-1970.I am a late convert to 'Kraut Rock'.

I still have a strong interest in antiques and I've trained, and worked, as a counsellor but my passion for photography and photographing people is lifelong.

Carl re-introduced me to wedding photography and now running around Pembrokeshire and Ceredigion chasing the perfect shot with brides, grooms and their families is one of my favourite things!

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