Carl Welsby

I'm a Lancashire lad from Blackpool, with an accent rounded by life travelling in the Middle East and Asia, Hampshire and Pembrokeshire - I no longer speak like my brother and father.

Which is a bit of a shame.

I am married to Louise - the best woman to come out of Middlesbrough,

or anywhere else for that matter.

We have a cat named Holly (who thinks she's a dog such is her propensity to follow us around) and a dog named Jasper (who thinks the couch is his), 5 sheep and a dozen chickens.

I Like

Photography (obviously)

Having friends all over the world - a blessing

Growing veg

Coronation Street

Chinese food

Punctuality in all things

8 hours a night sleep

Living in Pembrokeshire

Really good beer

The music from the 1954 Bollywood classic Nagin

I Dislike

Indian food, and especially coriander

EastEnders - why is it so shouty?


Weeding the allotment

Thrash metal

Mizzle - that misty, drizzle we get here in Crymych


I am a self taught photographer having become interested whilst travelling and working in the Middle East and Asia in the late 80s. Back then my passion was street photography, capturing images from some of the remotest parts of the globe.

Fast forward through a career in the travel industry I find myself in Pembrokeshire, where stunning landscapes provide plenty of inspiration.

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